About Us

Independent HealthCare Providers of Idaho Inc. is an organization of health care professional united with a common goal of providing excellent, quality care to the members of our communities in our area.  Multiple modalities in health care are represented in our members including physician, podiatrists, chiropractic physicians, holistic physicians, imaging centers, mental health specialists, laboratory services, home health providers, urgent care, physical, occupational and speech therapists, and midlevel providers, and other health services.  Our goal is to offer choices in health care for our communities.  The range of services are broad, affordable, and high quality.  We encourage everyone to consider all providers in our communities.  Research the options available. Ask your primary care provider to refer you to one of our well trained, excellent providers.  Your health and your health care are our primary concern. Browse the services provided by our members and call us directly or request a referral.

Mission Statement

AT IHCPI our mission is to provide excellent quality care to the members of our communities